Professional Activity

Univeristy lecturer at FIT ČVUT in Prague (since 2013):
    - Modern Internet Technologies;
    - Wireless Computer Networks;
    - CISCO Network Academy;
    - Computer Networks;
    - Network Security;
    - Coordinator for diploma and bachelor thesis;
    - Specialist coordinator for PhD students;
    - Peer reviewer for:
        - EUCAP (European Conference on Antennas and Propagation);
        - CVUT Poster (International Student Conference on 
Electrical Engineering);
        - PhD, diploma and bachelor theses.

Collaborator of:
    - Czech Police forces, regarding cyber criminality offences;
    - Inovacentrum (the centre for inventions and innovations of the Czech Technical University);
    - Prison Service of the Czech Republic of the Czech Republic, 
regarding cyber criminality offences;
    - Czech Telecommunications Office, regarding cyber criminality offences.

Consultant / Trainer at Air Traffic Control of the Czech Republic (since 2011) for data networks.

CodeWeavers CrossOver Office Educational Advocate - Member of the official beta testers and debuggers team for the CrossOver Office - Wine platform on Linux (from September 2006);

CACert Web of Trust Assurer for the Czech Republic (from September 2006 until 2013);

University Lecturer Polytechnic University of Prague Computer Sciences Department (from September 2005 until present):
        - Modern Computer Networks (lectures, seminars, laboratories, CISCO labs);
        - Computer Communication (lectures, seminars, laboratories);
        - Retele mobile (WiFi, ZigBee, WiBree, Bluetooth, antennas, modern techniques for signal modulation and coding, interference, collaborative systems, fundaments of mobile phone networks);
        - Modern Technologies Applied in the Internet (Advanced BGP, Advanced OSPF, Advanced RIP, ATM, SONET, SDH, PDH, FrameRelay, ISDN, local loop technologies, mobile networks, etc);
        - Distributed Systems (seminars, laboratories);
        - Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, Windows, OSX, Real-Time Operating Systems: PharLap, Montavista);
        - Programming in C++;
        - Software Engineering;
        - Management of Software Projects;
        - Semester, bachelor and master projects in the above mentioned areas.

Collaborator and Scholarship Holder of STROM TELECOM company (from September 2005);

Head of the research team in data networks of Strom Telecom (from September 2005);

Doctoral Student Polytechnic University of Prague Computer Sciences Department (from September 2005):
        - Theme: Advanced Methods for Decreasing Interference and Assuring QoS in AdHoc Wireless Networks.

Web designer and Webmaster Finmedia S. R. L. (August 2003 August 2004);

Assistant Professor Polytechnic University of Bucharest Computer Sciences Department (February 2003 August 2004);

IT Consultant Ceský Konzulat Czech Consulate of Bucharest (April 2002 August 2004);

IT Consultant Ceský Velvyslanectví Czech Embassy of Bucharest (April 2002 August 2004)

Network Administrator and IT Consultant Ceské Centrum Czech Centre of Bucharest (April 2002 August 2004);

IT Consultant Ceské Aerolinie Czech Airlines in Bucharest (April 2002 August 2004). 

Updated @: 24/05/2022